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Since 2014, NEERART ARCHITECTS has been providing architectural and design services PAN India. Our benchmark is providing clients the best service achievable, not only from a design perspective, but also in keeping clients involved in our projects to ensure client satisfaction and gain client loyalty. Currently, 90% of our projects are commissioned by previous clients whose expectations were exceeded by Us . No matter the cost, we believe in finishing each project in a way that exceeds our clients’ expectations while remaining with the budget and time constraints.


At the start of a project, we first identifies the specific programmatic requirements and then establishes clear objectives for the project. As we progress to each stage of the project, clients are presented with design solutions and asked for input and feedback before we proceed to the next project stage. This process allows us to maintain client involvement throughout the duration of the project and to refine design solutions in each phase so that the project can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. And the outcome at the end fulfill the need of the end users as they imagined.

“ Our Team ”

We have a diverse team of experienced Architects, civil engineers, interior designers and Graphic designers.
Everyone plays a key role in every aspect of the firm and each team member complements each other well. This depth of knowledge assures that clients can be confident they will get across the board expertise in every phase of their project.
Reflecting Neerart, our team also recognizes the importance of creating spaces that represent not only our clients' functional requirements but also who they are - their personalities, identities, and preferences.
We work with the values of Integrity, Quality, Empathy, Passion, Collaboration, Agility, enables the Neerart team to meet "client-first" philosophy and to satisfy the most demanding requirements, and meet or exceed the highest expectations.

  •      Ar. Himani Gupta
    Founder & Chief Architect
  •      Ar. Ritika Anand
        Head of Projects, HYD
  •      Ar. Waqaar Ahmed
            Project Architect

…a firm of Architectural services and Interior Design consultants where we are helping people to create their beautiful and organized spaces.


  • Plot No- 52
  • Sector-52, Gurugram
  • Haryana-122003

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